Mission, Vision
and Values

It has never been so pleasant to play sports!

Our priority is to serve our membership through first class instruction, programming, and facilities. Woodsmill is recognized as the friendliest club in town and has a unique focus on the personal relationships that add so much to the game of tennis.

Our wide array of programming offers something for everybody and our lobby bar serves as a gathering place for friends. Our teaching philosophy focuses on fun, fitness, and knowledge.

Positive feedback is a cornerstone of our instruction. Tennis is a game for life; we look forward to seeing you around the club!

Graphic: We do not stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.

Family Of Clubs:

Join one club. Play at two!

Combined, Woodsmill and Frontenac give you 18 courts and 30+ pros. So you can almost always find a court for your game. And in just about every clinic, there’s a pro on every court. (That’s not just rare in St. Louis — that’s rare anywhere!)

Add in a full pickleball program and all the gear you’ll need for both sports, thanks to the Forever Tennis retail store, and you’ve got all the racquet-sports fun your family and you will be able to handle!

Then there’s the summer, with adult clinics and junior camps at Principia School, here at Woodsmill (indoors, away from the sun and wind) and The Highlands in Forest Park.

So let’s just call it what it is: twelve months of fun you’ll only find as part of the Frontenac Family of Clubs.