Our Club Coaches

Meet our pros! They make our club the sweet spot for developing your game.

Tennis Director Forest Hills Country Club, Woodsmill Tennis Professional
Andy Davis
Junior Tennis Director
Cliff Reuter
Frontenac Ladies Interclub Captain, Woodsmill Mens Interclub Captian, Director of Cross Club Activities, Tennis Professional and Web Master
Brett Licata
Interclub Captain and Tennis Professional
Lori Brewer
Tennis Professional Interclub and USTA Captain
Michael O'Neil
Tennis Professional
Bill Barker
Tennis Professional
Cole Davis
Tennis Professional
George Kidera
Tennis Professional
Tennis Professional
Tennis Professional


Each person I meet atFRC is kinder than the last! You do an awesome job of hiring and fostering a cheerful and kind ambiance! Clark asks about the boys, Jen thoughtfully tries to pick a class for Cam, Stefan adjusts the ball machine that is attacking me, and on and on and on. Nostradamus pales in comparison to FRC!

Anne h.

Thank you so much for introducing me to Michelle and for suggesting I sub for their group today. They were all so lovely, and I had such a good time. Ech leasson, drill clinic, et.c has been very lifegiving. I was intimidated to get back into tennis after all these years, and everyone at Frontenac has made the experience so much better than I expected. You are doing an amazing job as a manager/leader, and your staff is wonderful. I’m thankful that I found FRC!

Legan m.

Thanks so much to Chris for the awesome clinic yesterday for the Tuesday girls! We all enjoyed it so much and always learn and benefit from the clinics! Several commented about what a great job you all do. Your efforts to instruct and to also make such a great effort to learn all of our names is much appreciated!

Melanie t.